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class LoginContracts {
interface View {
fun showError(message: String)
//fun presentHomeScreen(user: User) <- This is no longer a part of the View's responsibilities
interface Router {
fun presentHomeScreen(user: User) // Now the router handles it
class LoginPresenter(var view: LoginContracts.View?): LoginContracts.Presenter, LoginContracts.InteractorOutput {
var interactor: LoginContracts.Interactor? = LoginInteractor(this)
//now the presenter has a instance of the Router and passes the Activity to it on the constructor
var router: LoginContracts.Router? = LoginRouter(view as? Activity)
fun onLoginSuccess(user: User) {
class LoginRouter(var activity: Activity?): LoginContracts.Router {
fun presentHomeScreen(user: User) {
val intent = Intent(view,
intent.putExtra(Constants.IntentExtras.USER, user)
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