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Sublime text build for Django test (and coverage as a variant)
// Assumes a virtualenv inside ~/.virtualenvs that has the same name as the project
// Assumes is inside src
"working_dir": "${project_path}/src",
"shell_cmd": "~/.virtualenvs/${project_base_name}/bin/python test",
"file_regex": "^[ ]*File \"(...*?)\", line ([0-9]*)",
"syntax": "Packages/User/Unittest Output.tmLanguage",
"quiet": "True",
"variants": [
"working_dir": "${project_path}/src",
"shell_cmd": "~/.virtualenvs/${project_base_name}/bin/coverage run --source='.' test && ~/.virtualenvs/${project_base_name}/bin/coverage html && firefox htmlcov/index.html 2>/dev/null",
"name": "Run",
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