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# Fill in mandatory details for the WiFi network
$WirelessNetworkSSID = '<WiFi_SSID>'
$WirelessNetworkPassword = '<WiFi_password>'
$Authentication = 'WPA2PSK' # Could be WPA2
$Encryption = 'AES'
# Create the WiFi profile, set the profile to auto connect
$WirelessProfile = @'
<WLANProfile xmlns="">
'@ -f $WirelessNetworkSSID, $WirelessNetworkPassword, $Authentication, $Encryption
# Create the XML file locally
$random = Get-Random -Minimum 1111 -Maximum 99999999
$tempProfileXML = "$env:TEMP\tempProfile$random.xml"
$WirelessProfile | Out-File $tempProfileXML
# Add the WiFi profile and connect
Start-Process netsh ('wlan add profile filename={0}' -f $tempProfileXML)
# Connect to the WiFi network - only if you need to
Start-Process netsh ('wlan connect name="{0}"' -f $WirelessNetworkSSID)
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