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The Ant-Sugar Tales
By Candice Yellowflower-
"The _Ant-Sugar Tales_ is a collection" of short stories told from the
perspective of a fine young lady from [Venice][1], who has some run-ins
with a few [inquisitive insects][2]. Each tale presents a moral quandry,
which the ants are quick to solve with their antly wisdom and
know-how. Some of the moral lessons presented are:
* Laundry: How not to get caught in soiled knickers.
* Used Ticket Stubs and Their Impact on the Universe
* I'm Keeping a Birdhouse in my Attic
Use of Metaphor
The author's splended use of metaphor can be attributed to her growing
up in an art-supply store. Her characters are richly outlined, but her
unusual descriptions can sometimes be a bit jarring in places, such as
her description of the old caretaker that lives inside a hollow tree in
her yard:
> His skin was smooth like Magnani Pescia 100% acid-free cold pressed
> 22x30" Soft White Paper, with fine hair like the bristles of a Habico
> Lasur Superb Oil Glazing Brush Size 10.
"Venice: The Grand Canal"
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