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simple haskell program for sending over socket and receiving a response with a timeout
-- Echo server program
module Main where
import Control.Monad (unless,when)
import Network.Socket hiding (recv)
import qualified Data.ByteString as S
import Data.Word(Word8)
import Control.Concurrent(threadDelay)
import Data.List
import Numeric
import Network.Socket.ByteString (recv, sendAll)
main = withSocketsDo $
do addrinfos <- getAddrInfo
(Just (defaultHints {addrFlags = [AI_PASSIVE]}))
Nothing (Just "6666")
let serveraddr = head addrinfos
sock <- socket (addrFamily serveraddr) Stream defaultProtocol
bindSocket sock (addrAddress serveraddr)
listen sock 1
loop sock
loop s = do
(connSock, _) <- accept s
talk connSock
loop s
whenM a b = a >>= (flip when) b
talk :: Socket -> IO ()
talk connSock = do
putStrLn "now we are talking..."
whenM (sIsConnected connSock) (putStrLn "connected!")
whenM (sIsReadable connSock) (putStrLn "readable!")
whenM (sIsWritable connSock) (putStrLn "writable!")
msg <- recv connSock 1024
print $ "received over the wire: " ++ (show msg)
unless (S.null msg) $ do
sendAll connSock $ replyTo msg
putStrLn "sent back response, starting to listen again..."
talk connSock
replyTo m = S.reverse m
{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}
{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Network
import System.IO hiding (hPutStrLn,hPutStr)
import Data.ByteString.Char8(hPutStr)
import qualified Data.ByteString as S
import Control.Concurrent(putMVar,MVar,forkIO,newEmptyMVar,takeMVar,yield)
import Foreign(Ptr,Word8,free,mallocBytes)
import Foreign.C.Types(CChar)
import Control.Exception
import Text.Printf(printf)
import Prelude hiding (catch,log)
receiveBufSize = 4096 :: Int
connectionTimeout = 2000
main = sendMessage "localhost" [0x4,0x3] >>= print
sendMessage :: String -> [Word8] -> IO (Maybe S.ByteString)
sendMessage host msg = bracket connect disconnect loop
disconnect = hClose
loop st = catch (run (S.pack msg) st) (\(_ :: IOException) -> return Nothing)
connect = notify $ do
h <- connectTo host (Service "6666")
hSetBuffering h NoBuffering
return h
notify = bracket_ (printf "Connecting to %s ... " host >> hFlush stdout) (putStrLn "done.")
run :: S.ByteString -> Handle -> IO (Maybe S.ByteString)
run msg h = do
print "running all things..."
m <- newEmptyMVar
forkIO $ catch (listenForResponse h m) (\(e :: IOException) -> print e >> putMVar m Nothing >> return ())
pushOutMessage msg h m
putStrLn "[S]going on..."
ss <- takeMVar m
return ss
pushOutMessage :: S.ByteString -> Handle -> MVar (Maybe S.ByteString) -> IO ()
pushOutMessage msg h m = do
S.putStrLn "[S]pushing out the message"
putStrLn ("[S]sending --> " ++ show msg)
hPutStr h msg
hFlush h -- Make sure that we send data immediately
return ()
listenForResponse :: Handle -> MVar (Maybe S.ByteString) -> IO ()
listenForResponse h m = do putStrLn " [R]listening for response..."
msg <- receiveResponse h
putMVar m msg
return ()
receiveResponse :: Handle -> IO (Maybe S.ByteString)
receiveResponse h = do
buf <- mallocBytes receiveBufSize
dataResp <- receiveMsg buf h
free buf
return dataResp
receiveMsg :: Ptr CChar -> Handle -> IO (Maybe S.ByteString)
receiveMsg buf h = do
putStrLn (" [R]wait for data with timeout:" ++ show connectionTimeout ++ " ms\n")
dataAvailable <- waitForData h connectionTimeout
if not dataAvailable then (putStrLn "\n [R]no message available") >> return Nothing
else do
answereBytesRead <- hGetBufNonBlocking h buf receiveBufSize
Just `fmap` S.packCStringLen (buf,answereBytesRead)
waitForData :: Handle -> Int -> IO (Bool)
waitForData h waitTime_ms = do
S.putStr "."
inputAvailable <- hWaitForInput h 10
if inputAvailable then return True
else if waitTime_ms > 0
then waitForData h (waitTime_ms - 10)
else return False
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