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teknikqa / lastfm_delete_loved.js
Created May 7, 2017 06:38
Bulk delete Last.FM scrobbles & loved tracks
// On the Last.FM website go to the page which lists the tracks that you have loved.
// Open Chrome DevTools (or Firefox or any modern browser that has a built in Javacript Console)
// and run the following command.
// This basically clicks on all the delete buttons on the page and reloads the page.
jQuery('.love-button--loved').each(function(_, b) {;
lstude /
Last active December 2, 2023 15:41
Add Indent / Outdent Functionality to Google Spreadsheets

This tutorial demonstrates how to add an "Indent Text" menu item to a Google spreadsheet so you can indent/outdent text.

  • When the "Indent Text" menu item is selected, any cells within a single column selection will be indented by 5 spaces.

  • You can increase or decrease the number of spaces the text is indented by changing the line below so that the "5" is changed to a larger or smaller number (depending on your preference):

newValues.push(['=CONCAT(REPT( CHAR( 160 ), 5),"' + values[i][0] + '")']);
itolssy / extend.tags.js
Created May 20, 2014 10:53
Hexo extended tags
var render = hexo.render,
tag = hexo.extend.tag,
helper = hexo.extend.helper;
* youku video tag
* Syntax:
* {% youku id %}
octocat / .gitignore
Created February 27, 2014 19:38
Some common .gitignore configurations
# Compiled source #
# Packages #
juanra /
Created January 24, 2014 22:28
Script to install git-flow in Cloud9 IDE.
# This script downloads and installs git-flow into Cloud9 workspace.
# It makes possible to use git-flow for high-level repository operations using Vincent Driessen's branching model.
# Create this file in a root of your workspace.
# Run in command line: chmod +x
# And: ./
# It will take some time to download and compile.
typhonius /
Last active March 25, 2016 14:12
Real simple script to get my now playing from for chat
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use HTTP::Request;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use JSON;
use utf8;
binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8");
search = [ notebook , separator ] ,
[ "any:" , separator ] ,
term ,
{ separator , term } ;
notebook = "notebook:" , ( word | quoted ) ;
word = wordchar , { wordchar } ;
quoted = '"' , { ( any - '"' ) | '\"' } , '"' ;
jareware /
Last active May 19, 2024 14:03
Advanced SCSS, or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do

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Advanced SCSS

Or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do. I'd rather have kept it to a nice round number like 10, but they just kept coming. Sorry.

I've been using SCSS/SASS for most of my styling work since 2009, and I'm a huge fan of Compass (by the great @chriseppstein). It really helped many of us through the darkest cross-browser crap. Even though browsers are increasingly playing nice with CSS, another problem has become very topical: managing the complexity in stylesheets as our in-browser apps get larger and larger. SCSS is an indispensable tool for dealing with this.

This isn't an introduction to the language by a long shot; many things probably won't make sense unless you have some SCSS under your belt already. That said, if you're not yet comfy with the basics, check out the aweso

jdkanani / notepad.html
Last active June 16, 2024 13:44 — forked from jakeonrails/Ruby Notepad Bookmarklet
This bookmarklet gives you a code editor in your browser with a single click.
data:text/html, <style type="text/css">.e{position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;}</style><div class="e" id="editor"></div><script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script><script>var e=ace.edit("editor");e.setTheme("ace/theme/monokai");e.getSession().setMode("ace/mode/ruby");</script>
For other language: Instead of `ace/mode/ruby`, Use
Markdown -> `ace/mode/markdown`
Python -> `ace/mode/python`
C/C++ -> `ace/mode/c_cpp`
Javscript -> `ace/mode/javascript`
Java -> `ace/mode/java`
Scala- -> `ace/mode/scala`
jacksonfdam / gist:3000275
Created June 26, 2012 23:56
Regular Expressions List
//Regular Expressions List
//Short Tutorial
\ // the escape character - used to find an instance of a metacharacter like a period, brackets, etc.
. // match any character except newline
x // match any instance of x
^x // match any character except x
[x] // match any instance of x in the bracketed range - [abxyz] will match any instance of a, b, x, y, or z
| // an OR operator - [x|y] will match an instance of x or y