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Last active March 29, 2024 13:21
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A Scriptable iOS widget that shows what‘s playing on Spotify
let spotifyCredentials
let widget = await createWidget()
async function createWidget() {
let widget = new ListWidget()
let spotifyIcon = await getImage("spotify-icon.png")
widget.backgroundColor = new Color("1e2040")
// load spotify credentials from iCloud Drive
spotifyCredentials = await loadSpotifyCredentials()
if(spotifyCredentials != null) {
widget.url = "spotify://"
let nowPlaying = await loadNowPlaying()
if(nowPlaying != null) {
widget.setPadding(20,12, 8, 8)
let cleanTitle =" (")[0]
cleanTitle = cleanTitle.split(" - ")[0]
const artist = nowPlaying.item.artists[0].name
// console.log("Now Playing: " + cleanTitle + " - " + artist)
// cover art
const coverUrl = nowPlaying.item.album.images[0].url
let coverImage = await loadImage(coverUrl)
let row = widget.addStack()
let stack = row.addStack()
stack.size = new Size(105,105)
let cover = stack.addImage(coverImage)
cover.cornerRadius = 6
cover.borderColor = new Color("#1DB954")
cover.borderWidth = 3
let stack2 = row.addStack()
let spotifyIconImage = stack2.addImage(spotifyIcon)
let shuffleIcon = await getImage("shuffle-icon.png")
let shuffleIconImage = stack2.addImage(shuffleIcon)
if(nowPlaying.shuffle_state == true) {
shuffleIconImage.imageOpacity = 1
} else {
shuffleIconImage.imageOpacity = 0.3
let repeatIcon = await getImage("repeat-icon.png")
let repeatIconImage = stack2.addImage(repeatIcon)
if(nowPlaying.repeat_state === "off") {
repeatIconImage.imageOpacity = 0.3
} else {
repeatIconImage.imageOpacity = 1.0
// add title and artist
let titleTxt = widget.addText(cleanTitle)
titleTxt.font = Font.semiboldSystemFont(11)
titleTxt.textColor = Color.white()
titleTxt.lineLimit = 1
let artistTxt = widget.addText(artist)
artistTxt.font = Font.boldSystemFont(11)
artistTxt.textColor = new Color("#1DB954")
artistTxt.lineLimit = 1
} else {
// Spotify playback stopped
let spotifyImage = widget.addImage(spotifyIcon)
spotifyImage.imageSize = new Size(25,25)
let offIcon = await getImage("offline-icon.png")
let offImage = widget.addImage(offIcon)
offImage.imageSize = new Size(50,50)
let playbackText = widget.addText("Playback stopped")
playbackText.font = Font.semiboldSystemFont(11)
playbackText.textColor = Color.white()
} else {
// no credentials found
let spotifyImage = widget.addImage(spotifyIcon)
spotifyImage.imageSize = new Size(25,25)
console.log("Could not find Spotify credentials!")
let ts = widget.addText("Couldn't find your spotify credentials in iCloud Drive. \n\n Please tap me for setup instructions.")
ts.textColor = Color.white()
ts.font = Font.boldSystemFont(11)
widget.url = ""
return widget
// get nowPlaying via Spotify Web API
async function loadNowPlaying() {
const req = new Request("")
req.headers = { "Authorization": "Bearer " + spotifyCredentials.accessToken, "Content-Type": "application/json" }
let npResult = await req.load()
if (req.response.statusCode == 401) {
// access token expired, trying to refresh
let success = await refreshSpotifyAccessToken()
if(success) {
return await loadNowPlaying()
} else {
return null
} else if (req.response.statusCode == 204) {
// no playback
return null
} else if (req.response.statusCode == 200) {
npResult = JSON.parse(npResult.toRawString())
return npResult
// load and validate spotify credentials from iCloud Drive
async function loadSpotifyCredentials() {
let fm = FileManager.iCloud()
let dir = fm.documentsDirectory()
let path = fm.joinPath(dir, "spotify-credentials.json")
let spotifyCredentials
if(fm.fileExists(path)) {
await fm.downloadFileFromiCloud(path)
let spotifyCredentialsFile = Data.fromFile(path)
spotifyCredentials = JSON.parse(spotifyCredentialsFile.toRawString())
if (isNotEmpty(spotifyCredentials.clientId)
&& isNotEmpty(spotifyCredentials.clientSecret)
&& isNotEmpty(spotifyCredentials.accessToken)
&& isNotEmpty(spotifyCredentials.refreshToken)) {
return spotifyCredentials
return null
// helper function to check not empty strings
function isNotEmpty(stringToCheck) {
if (stringToCheck != null && stringToCheck.length > 0) {
return true
} else {
return false
// The Spotify access token expired so we get a new one by using the refresh token (Authorization Flow)
async function refreshSpotifyAccessToken() {
if(spotifyCredentials != null) {
let req = new Request("")
req.method = "POST"
req.headers = { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" }
req.body = "grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=" + spotifyCredentials.refreshToken + "&client_id=" + spotifyCredentials.clientId + "&client_secret=" + spotifyCredentials.clientSecret
let result = await req.loadJSON()
spotifyCredentials.accessToken = result.access_token
let fm = FileManager.iCloud()
let dir = fm.documentsDirectory()
let path = fm.joinPath(dir, "spotify-credentials.json")
fm.write(path, Data.fromString(JSON.stringify(spotifyCredentials)))
return true
return false
// get images from local filestore or download them once
async function getImage(image) {
let fm = FileManager.local()
let dir = fm.documentsDirectory()
let path = fm.joinPath(dir, image)
if(fm.fileExists(path)) {
return fm.readImage(path)
} else {
// download once
let imageUrl
switch (image) {
case 'spotify-icon.png':
imageUrl = ""
case 'shuffle-icon.png':
imageUrl = ""
case 'repeat-icon.png':
imageUrl = ""
case 'offline-icon.png':
imageUrl = ""
console.log(`Sorry, couldn't find ${image}.`);
let iconImage = await loadImage(imageUrl)
fm.writeImage(path, iconImage)
return iconImage
// helper function to download an image from a given url
async function loadImage(imgUrl) {
const req = new Request(imgUrl)
return await req.loadImage()
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bcronk12 commented Jan 11, 2021

I would like to see the next/ back button and play/pause button on the small widget! Is this possible?

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same problem what do I do?

See what I wrote under „Optionally“:


got it! but look at the size of the spotify icons

I have tested all the solutions according to the author's reply to you, but it still doesn't work, how did you solve it.

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Asrrath commented Jul 13, 2021

I still can't get it to update fast, but through the spotify API I made Play / Pause / Next / Previous work.

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Asrrath commented Jul 13, 2021

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Hucksleyy91 commented Dec 18, 2021

I keep getting this #
I’ve done everything correct just made the DEV account too

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I have a couple of weeks modifying your code, to create my own version of the widget, but I would like to select 'play',pause','next','previous' as buttons with functions in the widget, only I don't know how to add them. I already add a function(play), but I don't know how to add more than one.
I'll attach more screenshots and a video later so you can see the problem and if you like I can send you the code directly to see if you can make the addition of these.
By the way, I hope it wasn't wrong for me to take your code without asking to modify it.
Excuse my English, I speak Spanish, but I understand English a little bit.

How do you start the function „play“? So how do you add a button to a widget? Could you share your code so I can analyse it to maybe help?

Can you share that widget with the play and pause buttons?
Sorry to bother if you don't have these widgets now, but if you do can you share them?
Thanks in advance!

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rizwaneramadan commented Nov 4, 2023


Whoever made it, I am very grateful for making the music playback widget from Spotify

But this only has a little problem with the playback being slow to update so there is a delay when the next new song is played. This widget doesn't immediately change it to the song that is currently playing but was delayed for some time, and it changes by itself. Hopefully it will be improved in the future. once again I am very grateful.

Why doesn't Spotify directly have a playback widget, only a playlist widget? I don't know, maybe there will be one later, adios thank you.

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The actual method used by download Spotify++ for mac files is to extract audio from Spotify servers or use Spotify official apls.

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blooketver commented Jan 21, 2024

Follow the prompts and select Non-Commercial for the type of integration that we're creating pwgbarracks (if you are creating a non-commercial app, that is).

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This statement suggests that the method employed to download Spotify++ for ios involves either extracting audio directly from Spotify servers or utilizing official Spotify applications. The term "Spotify++" typically refers to a modified version of the Spotify app that may offer additional features not available in the official release. However, it's important to note that using modified versions of apps may violate terms of service and could potentially lead to account issues. Always ensure that your actions are in compliance with the app's policies and legal guidelines.

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dominorps commented Feb 22, 2024

You're going to need to be using Node version 10x or higher for this to work. The reason for that is because the code that talks to Spotify relies on the URLSearchParams global.

Installation and Setup
Clone or fork my repo over at to follow along.

Run the following commands to clone, install, and set up the project.

git clone
cd stemmlerjs-graph
npm install
mv .env.template .env higgs domino
Creating a Spotify Developers Account
Go to the Spotify Developers Dashboard and sign up for an account.

When you're all signed up, you'll get to the Spotify Developers Dashboard that shows your applications. Click "Create An App".

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jameswwe commented Mar 12, 2024

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berthablea commented Mar 24, 2024

I was also looking for the same kind of widget for my spotify mod apk. I searched a lot of threads and forums for this but most of them were not working properly but this one is just awesome.

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