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@marco79cgn marco79cgn/AirConnect Secret
Created Dec 13, 2017

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to run
set p to "/Applications/AirConnect/airupnp-osx-multi"
POSIX file p as alias
on error
do shell script "mkdir -p /Applications/AirConnect"
do shell script "curl -o /Applications/AirConnect/airupnp-osx-multi"
do shell script "chmod +x /Applications/AirConnect/airupnp-osx-multi"
end try
do shell script "kill `ps ax | grep airupnp-osx-multi | grep -v grep | cut -d\" \" -f1`"
end try
tell application "Terminal"
do script "/Applications/AirConnect/airupnp-osx-multi -l 500:500 -z"
end tell
end run
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