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import {Directive, HostBinding, Input, OnChanges, SecurityContext, SimpleChanges} from "@angular/core";
import {DomSanitizer, SafeHtml} from "@angular/platform-browser";
selector: "[appHighlight]",
export class HighlightDirective implements OnChanges {
searchTerm: string;
marcorinck / example.ts
Last active May 2, 2020 04:01
semi-automatic mock generation in TypeScript (uses Jest as testing framework)
import {clearMocks, Mock, mockClass, initMocks} from "mockclass";
import {ErrorService} from "../components/http/error.service";
describe('MyService', () => {
//use as a decorator in an empty holder class
class Mocks extends MockHolder {
errorService: ErrorService;
marcorinck / slide-down.transition.ts
Last active October 15, 2022 09:01
custom ionic page transitions: "slide" and "slide-down"
import {Animation} from "ionic-angular/animations/animation";
import {isPresent} from "ionic-angular/util/util";
import {PageTransition} from "ionic-angular/transitions/page-transition";
const DURATION = 500;
const TRANSFORM = "transform";
const MOVED_DOWN = "translateY(100%)";
const NOT_MOVED = "translateY(0)";
const ZINDEX = "z-index";
const OPACITY = "opacity";
marcorinck / animated-item.component.html
Last active February 13, 2018 13:51
An example when you need dynamic properties inside of an angular animation and need to implement the animation in ts code and not in the animation DSL
<card (click)="clicked()">
<card-title [ngStyle]="{'font-size': fontsize}">{{}}</ion-card-title>
<icon [svgIcon]="itemDetails.icon" [style.height.px]="iconWidthHeight"
[style.width.px]="iconWidthHeight" ></icon>
marcorinck / dropshadow.html
Created December 6, 2016 09:14
svg wave with dropshadow
<svg viewBox="0 0 500 500" preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin meet">
<defs xmlns="">
<filter id="dropshadow" height="130%">
<feGaussianBlur in="SourceAlpha" stdDeviation="3" />
<feOffset dx="2" dy="2" result="offsetblur" />
<feComponentTransfer xmlns="">
<feFuncA type="linear" slope="0.4" />
marcorinck / blueprint
Created August 25, 2013 07:11
AngularJS directive blueprint
var myModule = angular.module(...);
myModule.directive('directiveName', function (injectables) {
return {
restrict: 'A',
template: '<div></div>',
templateUrl: 'directive.html',
replace: false,
priority: 0,
transclude: false,
scope: false,