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Example of resolving image sets depending on display size
#import "UIImage+ImageAdditions.h"
@implementation UIImage (ImageAdditions)
+ (NSString *)resolveAdaptiveImageName:(NSString *)nameStem {
CGFloat height = [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size.height;
if (height > 568.0f) {
// Oversize @2x will be used for iPhone 6, @3x for iPhone 6+
// iPads... we'll work that out later
if (height > 667.0f) {
return [nameStem stringByAppendingString:@"-oversize@3x"];
} else {
return [nameStem stringByAppendingString:@"-oversize"];
return nameStem;
+ (UIImage *)adaptiveImageNamed:(NSString *)name {
return [self imageNamed:[self resolveAdaptiveImageName:name]];
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