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You CHOSE Hoefler Text italic
#<struct Font::BuiltinFont name="Hoefler Text", style="regular", postscript_name="HoeflerText-Regular">
You CHOSE Avenir Condensed bold
#<struct Font::BuiltinFont name="Avenir Condensed", style="bold", postscript_name="AvenirNextCondensed-DemiBold">
You CHOSE Hoefler Text bold-italic
#<struct Font::BuiltinFont name="Hoefler Text", style="bold-italic", postscript_name="HoeflerText-BlackItalic">
You CHOSE Didot bold-italic
#<struct Font::BuiltinFont name="Didot", style="regular", postscript_name="Didot">
You CHOSE Bodoni 72 regular
#<struct Font::BuiltinFont name="Bodoni 72", style="regular", postscript_name="BodoniSvtyTwoOSITCTT-Book">
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