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@OutputResolver(output = ApexSoapMetadataCategoryResolver.class)
public XMLStreamReader invokeApexSoapMethod(@Connection AbstractConfig connection,
@DisplayName("Apex Class Method Name") @MetadataKeyId(ApexSoapMetadataCategoryResolver.class) String soapMethodName,
@Content @TypeResolver(ApexSoapMetadataCategoryResolver.class) XMLStreamReader input)
throws SalesforceException, SoapCallException {
SalesforceConnector connector = new SalesforceConnector();
// TODO: Accessing the Message or Event is no longer permitted in SDK operations.
// Operations should clearly define which data they need through their parameters. This helps ensuring that:
// -> Strict type checking works on every component
// -> Avoid operations which only works if placed in a particular part of the flow or before/after some
// component
// -> No operation can access flowVars (they are exclusive to the user)
// For more information about SDK operations, see:
XMLStreamReader result = connector.invokeApexSoapMethod(soapMethodName, input, ((MuleEvent) null));
return result;
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