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Last active Jul 21, 2016
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OpenBazaar Moderation Agreement

@mariodian OpenBazaar Moderation Agreement

Author Version Last Updated
Tyler Smith 0.1.0 2016-04-18
Mario Dian 0.1.1 2016-07-21

Based on the moderation policy of @serp.


The goal of this document to provide as much certainty about arbitration policies as possible for both buyers and sellers. Parties transacting on the OpenBazaar network should be as comfortable as possible when doing so.

Problems addressed

There are a number of potential issues that could arise.

Remediation processes for each type are described below.

Buyer not releasing funds after receiving item/service

Physical Goods

All physical good shipments should include a tracking number if possible. Including one makes the arbitration process much easier and transparent for all parties. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both transacting parties, a buyer has three (3) business days after delivery to release funds or raise a dispute. After this time funds will be released to the seller.

Digital Goods

In order to release funds to the seller for a digital good the seller much either 1) Send undeniable proof of delivery in some for or 2) Send the good to the moderator, who will send it to the buyer. The buyer will then have three (3) business days to raise a dispute before funds will be released to the seller.


The seller must maintain and provide proof of rendering the service. Upon raising a dispute with the proof, the buyer will be given three (3) business days to respond before funds will be released to the seller.

Shipment getting lost (Physical goods only)

If a shipment is lost or the tracker fails to update for ten (10) business days the buyer will be notified will have three (3) business days in order notify the moderator they would like to wait longer. If they buyer fails to respond responsibility for the failed shipment falls on the seller and funds will be released to the buyer.

Seller never shipping item

A seller has three (3) business days after the maximum agreed upon processing time to ship the order and provide proof. If no proof of shipment was given they have five (5) business days after the maximum indicated arrival time for the item to arrive before funds will be released to the buyer.

Seller shipping incorrect or poor quality item

The buyer must provide substantial proof of the incorrect item. Sellers will be given three (3) business days to respond to the claims before funds will be released to the buyer.


Unless otherwise stated, failing to respond for three (3) business days during an active dispute will result in forfeiture of the dispute.

Jurisdictional legality of transaction

Any transaction that does not comply 100% with the laws of the buyer, seller, and moderator, may be considered void and no actions may be taken from the moderator. (a)

(a) I'm happy to moderate all items regardless of their legal status though.

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