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Mario Eguiluz marioeguiluz

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//Safe bounds check for Array
extension Collection {
/// Returns the element at the specified index iff it is within bounds, otherwise nil.
subscript (safe index: Index) -> Iterator.Element? {
return index >= startIndex && index < endIndex ? self[index] : nil
//Helper function to exchange position in one array
marioeguiluz / HeapSort.m
Created May 14, 2015
HeapSort Objective-C
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////////////////HEAP SORT////////////////
int leftLeafIndex(int rootIndex){
int heapIndex = rootIndex+1;
return heapIndex*2-1;
int rightLeafIndex(int rootIndex){
int heapIndex = rootIndex+1;
return heapIndex*2+1-1;
marioeguiluz / MergeSort.swift
Last active Oct 5, 2016
Merge Sort Swift
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//Merge Sort
func mergeSort<T:Comparable>(_ unsortedArray:Array<T>)->Array<T>{
var unsortedArray = unsortedArray
if unsortedArray.count < 2 {
return unsortedArray
let pivot:Int = unsortedArray.count/2
let leftArray:Array<T> = Array(unsortedArray[0..<pivot])
let rightArray:Array<T> = Array(unsortedArray[pivot..<unsortedArray.count])
marioeguiluz / MergeSort.m
Last active Dec 2, 2016
MergeSort Objective-C
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////////////////MERGE SORT////////////////
NSArray* mergeArrays(NSArray* A, NSArray* B) {
NSMutableArray *orderedArray = [NSMutableArray new];
long indexLeft = 0;
long indexRight = 0;
while (indexLeft < [A count] && indexRight < [B count]) {
if ([A[indexLeft] intValue] < [B[indexRight]intValue]) {
[orderedArray addObject:A[indexLeft++]];
}else if ([A[indexLeft] intValue] > [B[indexRight]intValue]){
marioeguiluz / InsertionSort.swift
Last active Sep 21, 2016
Insertion Sort Swift
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//Helper function to exchange position in one array
func exchange<T>(_ data: inout [T], i:Int, j:Int) {
let temp:T = data[i]
data[i] = data[j]
data[j] = temp
//Insertion Sort of an array of integers
func insertionSort<T:Comparable>(_ unsortedArray:Array<T>)->Array<T>{
marioeguiluz / InsertionSort.m
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Insertion Sort Objective-C
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//Insertion Sort of an array of integers
NSMutableArray* insertionSort(NSMutableArray* unsortedArray){
if(!unsortedArray) return nil;
if(unsortedArray.count<2) return unsortedArray;
for (int j=1; j<unsortedArray.count; j++) {
int i = j;
while(i>0 && [[unsortedArray objectAtIndex:(i-1)] intValue] > [[unsortedArray objectAtIndex:i] intValue])
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