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@mariozig /yolo forked from tagrudev/yolo
Created Feb 24, 2013

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# Do not refactor, it is a bad practice. YOLO
# Not understanding why or how something works is always good. YOLO
# Do not ever test your code yourself, just ask. YOLO
# No one is going to read your code, at any point don't comment. YOLO
# Why do it the easy way when you can reinvent the wheel? Future-proofing is for pussies. YOLO
# Do not read the documentation. YOLO
# Do not waste time with gists. YOLO
# Do not write specs. YOLO also matches to YDD (YOLO DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT)
# Do not use naming conventions. YOLO
# Paying for online tutorials is always better than just searching and reading. YOLO
# You always use production as an environment. YOLO
# Don't describe what you're trying to do, just ask random questions on how to do it. YOLO
# Don't indent. YOLO
# Version control systems are for wussies. YOLO
# Developing on a system similar to the deployment system is for wussies! YOLO
# I don't always test my code, but when I do, I do it in production. YOLO
# Real men deploy with ftp. YOLO

mariozig commented Oct 29, 2013

This is a joke.

no, this is the real deal, check our repository

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