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Archiving of value types in Swift
import Foundation
struct Car {
var number: Int
protocol Archivable {
func archive() -> NSData
static func unarchive(data: NSData) -> Self?
extension Car: Archivable {
func archive() -> NSData {
let data = NSMutableData()
let archiver = NSKeyedArchiver(forWritingWithMutableData: data)
archiver.outputFormat = NSPropertyListFormat.XMLFormat_v1_0
archiver.encodeInteger(number, forKey:"number")
return data
static func unarchive(data: NSData) -> Car? {
let unarchiver = NSKeyedUnarchiver(forReadingWithData: data)
let number = unarchiver.decodeIntegerForKey("number")
return Car(number: number)
let a = Car(number: 5)
let data = a.archive()
let b = Car.unarchive(data)
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