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Programmer collective nouns

Programmer Collective Nouns

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wilhelmklopp commented Jun 7, 2015

"A Din of Twitterers" is there twice :)

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64-bit commented Jun 8, 2015

A Vector of HLSL programmers

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Niels-NTG commented Jun 8, 2015

A Collective of Processing artists

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Tebra commented Jun 11, 2015

In general : an array of programmers?

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cfstras commented Sep 12, 2015

For Python, I just came across an iterable of tuples?

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mcint commented Feb 13, 2017

A BEAM of Erlangers

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jvdenning commented May 17, 2017

An assembly of .NET Developers

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dgm commented Jan 26, 2018

A STAND (up) of agile programmers

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alfavata commented May 1, 2018

A protocol of Swift programmers

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melezov commented Jul 19, 2018

A chimera of Scala developers

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nicodemus26 commented Dec 7, 2018

Update Rust dev to Rustaceans as is pervasive in the community and docs: . Keep crate group noun, as you please.

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