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View AkkaSpecification.scala
import org.specs2.mutable._
import org.specs2.specification._
import org.specs2.matcher._
import org.specs2.execute._
import org.specs2.control.Debug
import org.specs2.main.ArgumentsShortcuts
import akka.testkit.TestKitBase
View core.clj
;;; Conway's Game of Life
;;; Using a set of coordinates to provide a infinite world
;;; Moritz Ulrich <>
;;; Cologne Clojure User Group
;;; November 17, 2011
(ns game-of-life.core
(:use [clojure.set :as set]))
View msoutier-4clojure-solution40.clj
;; msoutier's solution to Interpose a Seq
(fn [s c] (butlast (mapcat #(list %1 s) c)))
View msoutier-4clojure-solution33.clj
;; msoutier's solution to Replicate a Sequence
(fn [c n] (mapcat #(repeat n %) c))
View msoutier-4clojure-solution31.clj
;; msoutier's solution to Pack a Sequence
partition-by identity
View msoutier-4clojure-solution32.clj
;; msoutier's solution to Duplicate a Sequence
#(interleave % %)
View msoutier-4clojure-solution41.clj
;; msoutier's solution to Drop Every Nth Item
(fn [coll n]
(keep-indexed #(if (not= 0 (mod (inc %1) n)) %2 nil) coll))
View dollybastard-4clojure-solution30.clj
;; marius' solution to Compress a Sequence
#(map last (partition-by str %))