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Daily Programmer Practices

In the beginning, I didn't have a lot of programming knowledge and I had to read and watch a lot. I got into the habit of doing this for longer than was healthy. The only way to progress was to stop watching and start doing. It was hard at first, but eventually I grew new habits by doing challenges everywhere I could find them. No matter how heavy the Maths or how little I understood, I just tried my best.

This List represents all the resources I have discovered so far. Get Busy!

Online Challenges

Code Wars
Project Euler
Code Abbey
Coder Byte
Coding Bat
Martyr2's Mega Project List
Karan's Mega Project List
25 Project everyone should know
The Python Challenge

Game Based Challenges

Ruby Warrior
Flight Code Game
Code and Conquer
49 ideas for Game Clones to code

Computer Challenges

Ruby Koans
Javascript Koans

Read Code

Code Review at Stackexchange
Github explore
Github Search
Discover Gists

See for an extended list.

Get Rewarded for your efforts

Hacker Rank
Code Eval

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