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[Suggested description]
ExpressionEngine before 5.3.2 allows remote attackers to upload and execute arbitrary code in a .php%20 file via
Compose Msg, Add attachment, and Save As Draft actions.
A user with low privileges (member) is able to upload this.
It is possible to bypass the MIME type check and
file-extension check while uploading new files.
Short aliases are not used for an attachment; instead, direct access is
allowed to the uploaded files. It is possible to upload
PHP only if one has member access, or registration/forum is enabled
and one can create a member with the default group id of 5. To exploit this, one
must to be able to send and compose messages (at least).
[Additional Information]
To trigger the vulnerability we can use messages composer
Affected function
"Compose msg" - add attachment - "save as draft"
Files attached to message and saved as draft are stored in
/var/www/html/images/pm_attachments/$FILE_NAME - Accesable from web app root folder.$UPLOADED_FILE_NAME.EXT
We were able to send file name "POC.php%20" it was valid PNG file with PHP code inside. below we present te PoC.
Quick overview of code
Global variable in CMS by default $this-blacklisted_extensions =
[0] = php
[1] = php3
[2] = php4
[3] = php5
[4] = php7
[5] = phps
[6] = phtml
/system/ee/legacy/libraries/Upload.php code at line 532
If we send file that is not in blacklisted_extensions array for example ".php%20", our upload will be successful.
if (in_array($ext, $this-blacklisted_extensions))
return FALSE;
To upload our file "MimeType" have to be in white list also, so we uploaded PNG file with PHP code in comment TAG.
Line 237: public function isSafeForUpload($mime)
return in_array($mime, $this-whitelist, TRUE);
Line 95: public function ofFile($path){
Line 105: $finfo = finfo_open(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);
/system/ee/legacy/libraries/Upload.php code at
Function clean_file_name is called after check ...
[VulnerabilityType Other]
low privileged user PHP file upload led to Remote Command Execution
[Vendor of Product]
[Affected Product Code Base] - before 5.3.2
[Affected Component]
[Attack Type]
[Impact Code execution]
[Attack Vectors]
User with low privileges have to upload file during messages composer process. File extension check and be bypassed using %20 at the end of file ext. name.
Mariusz Poplawski (
Mariusz Popłwski / team
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