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To prepare your SD-Card and flash-uboot using the Generic image
As always: **Be sure you got the right device (/dev/.....) pointing to your sd-card**
Replace X with your appropriate value
export sdcard="/dev/sdX"
Write to SD-Card:
xzcat Nethserver-7.7.1908-RC1-Uboot-img.raw.xz | sudo dd of=${sdcard} status=progress bs=4M && sudo sync
Mount your sd-card, mountpoint (/mnt) is arbitrary:
sudo mount ${sdcard}2 /mnt
Find the available boardmodels:
ls /mnt/usr/share/uboot/
In this writeup _orangepi_plus2e_ is assumed
export boardmodel="orangepi_plus2e"
Find name of u-boot file:
ls /mnt/usr/share/uboot/${boardmodel}
It turns-out out for orangepi_plus2e it is u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin
export uboot="u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin"
Write u-boot to sd-card:
sudo dd if=/mnt/usr/share/uboot/${boardmodel}/${uboot} of=${sdcard} bs=1024 seek=8 conv=fsync,notrunc
Unmount sd-card:
sudo umount /mnt
Note other boards might need extra boodloaders in a setup as described by the vendor.
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