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Last active Feb 22, 2021
Stuff I googled while updating React-Redux to run tests against React Native
  • Double-checking whether window exists in React Native:
react native window global
  • Finding the giant "useLayoutEffect warnings" thread:
react uselayouteffect ssr
markerikson /
Created Sep 14, 2019
Reactiflux chat log: How does React store hooks on Fibers?

[12:14 AM] acreddy : are hooks value stored in fiber?

[10:40 AM] ghardin137 : not really

[10:50 AM] acemarke : @acreddy, @ghardin137 : yes they are, actually.

A "fiber" is a plain JS object that React uses to store bookkeeping information on each rendered component in the tree. The linked list of hooks is indeed stored as a field on the fiber for that component

markerikson / discord-split-theme-userscript.js
Last active Sep 10, 2019
Discord: Split Theme Userscript (Dark Sidebar, Light Chat)
View discord-split-theme-userscript.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Discord Split Dark+Light Theme
// @version 1
// @match*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
// NOTE: Set Discord to the Light theme. This will override the sidebar and
// "guilds" sections to force them to the dark theme.
markerikson /
Created Aug 28, 2019
Python script to download missing files in a Yarn offline mirror
# coding=utf-8
import sys
import re
import requests
if(sys.version_info.major < 3):
print("This script must be run with Python 3.6 or higher!")
import pathlib
markerikson / dialogsRegistry.ts
Created Jul 15, 2019
Redux middleware typing issues
View dialogsRegistry.ts
import React, {ComponentType} from "React";
import {Middleware, Action, AnyAction} from "redux";
import {createSlice, PayloadAction} from "redux-starter-kit";
import {createSelector} from "reselect";
import {generateUUID} from "utilities";
import {RootState} from "store";
interface DialogDisplayOptions {
singleton: boolean;
markerikson /
Created Apr 16, 2019
Reactiflux chat log: React-Redux, "stale props", and subscriptions

[9:13 PM] harry : @acemarke are people still going to need to add Connect components to their jsx to use a redux hook? i couldnt tell where that ended up
[9:13 PM] harry : didnt 100% grok the whole thing
[9:13 PM] acemarke : awright, lemme recap the issue
[9:13 PM] acemarke : :)
[9:13 PM] harry : sweet
[9:13 PM] acemarke : from the top
[9:13 PM] harry : i kinda got the gist of the zombie child thing too. not sure how a child actually subscribes before a parent, though
[9:14 PM] acemarke : (drat... I can already tell this is gonna be one of those chats I have to export to a gist because I'm about to write a lot)
[9:15 PM] acemarke : up through v4, there was a potential bug due to the timing of store subscriptions
[9:15 PM] acemarke : wrapper components subscribe in componentDidMount, which fires bottom-up

markerikson /
Created Apr 7, 2019
Discussion: Batching behavior in React-Redux v7

[10:22 PM] acemarke : @noj yo. so picking up the conversation from Twitter
[10:22 PM] acemarke : you were asking what exactly the use of unstable_batchedUpdates() does and how that comes into play
[10:22 PM] noj : hey, so i was wondering how the batching story works w/ react redux v7
[10:22 PM] noj : yes
[10:22 PM] noj : so a wrinkle is i use redux-saga
[10:22 PM] acemarke : and how that relates to things like dispatching in sagas
[10:22 PM] acemarke : yup
[10:22 PM] noj : mostly of the form
[10:23 PM] noj : i have a saga listenening for an action and doing some other actions as a side effect, or often making an rpc call and then some more actions
[10:23 PM] noj : i was wondering if a chain of side effects dispatches n actions

markerikson / babel-plugin-reexport-named-as-default.js
Created Nov 1, 2018
View babel-plugin-reexport-named-as-default.js
// This file totally hacked together from
module.exports = ({types : t}) => ({
visitor: {
Program: {
exit (path) {
let hasExportDefault = false
markerikson /
Last active Sep 13, 2018
HTTP data fetching steps and terms

[11:45 PM] someuser : how can I pull data from mysql database using react js?
[11:46 PM] BTM : @someuser short answer - "you can't"
[11:46 PM] connor : have react hit a proxied api that makes request using mysql
[11:46 PM] connor : using fetch or axios
[11:46 PM] someuser : the package has apollo in it
[11:46 PM] BTM : You need an API that will expose the data from sql as REST, graphql etc.
[11:46 PM] someuser : whats the apollo for?
[11:46 PM] someuser : im confused between graphql, apollo and redux.
[11:46 PM] acemarke : okay, let me explain
[11:47 PM] acemarke : first: no matter what UI framework you're using, here's the basic data flow

markerikson /
Last active Nov 17, 2020
Redux Archeology and Design Notes

Design Goals

The main goal of this library is to prove that Flux can be implemented in a way compatible with full hot reloading (and explore how this can be done). You can run the example code with npm start, change action creators or stores, and the new logic will kick in before you refresh.