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There are two economic graduate students A and B
There are two economic graduate students A and B. The two of them walking on
a road when they discover a pile of dog shit. A says to B: Eat it and I’ll
give you 50 million. Hearing this, B thinks, “Wow, so easy to make 50 million,
even though it is a little stinky, at worst just take the money to go have my
stomach pumped,” and so he took the shit and ate it.
The two of them continue walking, but both feel a bit unhappy and uneven. A lost 50
million and got nothing in return. B, though it can be said that he earned 50 million,
doesn’t feel very good after eating the shit.
At this moment, they discover another pile of shit, and B finally finds something that
will put him at ease, saying to A: “Eat it, and I’ll also give you 50 million. A thinks,
“If I can earn back the 50 million I lost, so what if I eat a pile of shit, didn’t B
eat it too?” So, he ate the shit too. According to reason, the two people should feel
even now, but the more they pondered, the more they felt not right, neither of them
having gained anything, yet each of them having eaten a pile of shit. So, they went to
find a professor, and after listening to their story, the professor said, comforting
them: “Students, you guys should be happy, the two of your eating two piles of shit
has contributed 100 million to our country’s GDP!”

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