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Remove sheet's password protection in Excel
# remove sheet protection in Excel
# Sample file:
# file with protected sheets
file <- "data/excel_protected.xlsx"
# file name and path after removing protection
file_unlocked <- str_replace(basename(file), ".xlsx$", "_unlocked.xlsx")
file_unlocked_path <- file.path(getwd(), "data", file_unlocked)
# create temporary directory in project folder
# so we see what is going on
temp_dir <- "_tmp"
# remove and recreate _tmp folder in case it already exists
unlink(temp_dir, recursive = T)
# unzip Excel file into temp folder
unzip(file, exdir = temp_dir)
# get full path to XML files for all worksheets
worksheet_paths <- list.files(
paste0(temp_dir, "/xl/worksheets"), = TRUE,
pattern = ".xml")
# remove the XML node which contains the sheet protection
# We might of course use e.g. xml2 to parse the XML file, but this simple approach will suffice here
for (ws in worksheet_paths) {
x <- readLines(ws, encoding = "windows1")
# the "sheetProtection" node contains the hashed password "<sheetProtection SOME INFO />"
# we simply remove the whole node
out <- str_replace(x, "<sheetProtection.*?/>", "")
writeLines(out, ws)
# create a new zip, i.e. Excel file, containing the modified XML files
old_wd <- setwd(temp_dir)
f <- list.files(recursive = T, full.names = F, all.files = T, no..=T)
# as the Excel file is a zip file, we can directly replace the .zip extension by .xlsx
zip::zip(file_unlocked_path, files = f) # utils::zip does not work for some reason
# clean up and remove temporary directory
unlink(temp_dir, recursive = T)

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@kerry-ja kerry-ja commented May 15, 2018

I think this could be improved to also remove workbook protection, by adding the lines below between 23 and 25:

# Remove the workbook protection
x <- readLines(paste0(temp_dir, "/xl/workbook.xml"), encoding = "windows1")
writeLines(str_replace(x, "<workbookProtection.*?/>", ""), paste0(temp_dir, "/xl/workbook.xml"))  
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