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Show a Popup Maker popup for the first, third, fifth, and sixth+ pages only.
/** Set up the page counter in the browser's session storage. */
let pc = parseInt(sessionStorage.getItem("page-count"));
if (!pc) {
sessionStorage.setItem("page-count", 1);
} else {
if (pc >= 5) return; // Can stop counting now.
sessionStorage.setItem("page-count", pc += 1);
// Make sure the function (IIFE) above runs before the following jQuery.
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
// Display a popup on 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th+ pages.
$("#pum-1343").on("pumBeforeOpen", function (e) { // Change #pum-1343 to your popup's HTML ID.
let pc = parseInt(sessionStorage.getItem("page-count"));
const doSomethingPages = [
1, 3, 5
if (doSomethingPages.includes(pc) || (pc >= 5)) {
// Don't need to check for conditions, but need to check for a cookie
// for some reason. So, we'll just check for the default cookie for now.
// If the default cookie exists, don't display the popup.
if (PUM.getCookie('pum-1343')) {
console.log('[PUM] Preventing popup because of cookie.');
console.log('[PUM] Preventing popup because not on page 1, 3, or 5+.');
PUM.preventOpen( 1343 )
}); // Listener
}); // jQuery
// Add this jQuery code to the footer area of your pages using your theme
// options or a plugin like Insert Headers Footers and Code Snippets.
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