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Fetching remote data with Datamaps

Remote Data with Datamaps

If you have data in CSV or JSON format on your server, you can now ( v0.2.7 ) fetch that data remotely.


To specify CSV, set dataType to "csv" and specify the dataUrl for the resource.

The format for this data should be:


You can optionally pass more data for event handlers and popupTemplate:

NY,Visited,Value for another property
TX,Visited,will be passed as `data.anotherProperty` in popupTemplate
CA,Visited,more data


JSON is the default dataType. For JSON data, just specify a dataUrl.

The payload should look something like this:

  "NY": {"fillKey": "Visited", "anotherProperty": "Born here"},
  "TX": {"fillKey": "Visited", "anotherProperty": "Live here"},
  "CA": {"fillKey": "Visited", "anotherProperty": "Here while writing this code"}
id fillKey info
NY Visited Born here
CA Visited Here while writing this code
TX Visited Live here
USA Visited Home Country
"NY": {"fillKey": "Visited", "info": "Born here"},
"TX": {"fillKey": "Visited", "info": "Live here"},
"CA": {"fillKey": "Visited", "info": "Here while writing this code"}
<!DOCTYPE html>
.active { fill: blue !important;}
/*.datamaps-key dt, .datamaps-key dd {float: none !important;}
.datamaps-key {right: -50px; top: 0;}*/
<div id="container1" style="border:1px dotted blue; width: 700px; height: 475px; position: relative;"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
var election = new Datamap({
scope: 'usa',
element: document.getElementById('container1'),
geographyConfig: {
popupTemplate: function(geo, data) {
return data && && "<div class='hoverinfo'><strong>" + + "</strong></div>";
highlightOnHover: false,
borderColor: '#444',
borderWidth: 0.5
dataUrl: 'data.csv',
dataType: 'csv',
data: {},
fills: {
'Visited': '#306596',
'neato': '#0fa0fa',
'Trouble': '#bada55',
defaultFill: '#dddddd'
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