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Created Jan 8, 2013
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diff --git a/nova/ b/nova/
index 30e2d80..55921b8 100644
--- a/nova/
+++ b/nova/
@@ -507,14 +507,18 @@ def str_dict_replace(s, mapping):
class LazyPluggable(object):
"""A pluggable backend loaded lazily based on some value."""
- def __init__(self, pivot, **backends):
+ def __init__(self, pivot, config_group=None, **backends):
self.__backends = backends
self.__pivot = pivot
self.__backend = None
+ self.__config_group = config_group
def __get_backend(self):
if not self.__backend:
- backend_name = CONF[self.__pivot]
+ if self.__config_group is None:
+ backend_name = CONF[self.__pivot]
+ else:
+ backend_name = CONF[self.__config_group][self.__pivot]
if backend_name not in self.__backends:
msg = _('Invalid backend: %s') % backend_name
raise exception.NovaException(msg)
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