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Recreate a sqlite3 dev db from current pg_dump from production.
namespace :database_utilities do
desc "Recreate a sqlite3 dev db from current pg_dump from production."
# This task should only ever be run in a development environment.
task create_sqlite3_from_pg_dump: :environment do
# by Mark on Wed May 13 06:15:09 EDT 2015
# Based on the ideals from this webpage:
file_dir = "/home/mark/backup/pg_dump/"
out_file_name = 'congo_mines_import_for_sqlite.sql'
dev_app_dir = '/home/mark/dev/congo-mines-app'
unless Rails.env.development?
puts "Sorry, but you are running in #{Rails.env}."
puts "This task should only ever be run in a development environment."
puts "This task will now exit"
# get the latest sqlite dump file
sqlite_in_file = Dir.glob("#{file_dir}/*sqlite3.sql").max_by {|f| File.mtime(f)}
# Open a file for re-writing.
out_file =, 'w')
out_file.puts 'BEGIN;', "r:bom|utf-8").each_line do |l|
# Remove line beginning with 'SET'
next if l =~ /^SET|setval/o
# The pg_dump generate’s true and false as value’s for the INSERT INTO
# statements. If we want to import these to SQLite we have to replace
# these to ‘t’ and ‘f’.
#-- These:
# INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (1, true, false);
# -- Should be replace to:
# INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (1, 't', 'f');
l.gsub!('true', "'t'")
l.gsub!('false', "'f'")
# remove utf characters
l.gsub!("\xEF\xBB\xBF".force_encoding("UTF-8"), '')
out_file.puts l
out_file.puts 'END;'
# 3. Recreate the development database
# So now we have fetched the production data from the PostgreSQL database,
# we need to recreate the development.sqlite3 database.
# For this task I am going to use a 'dev' version of the project. Essentially
# a complete checkout of the repo.
if File.exist?("#{dev_app_dir}/db/development.sqlite3")
# First, Make a backup..
# Now run the migration task.
## Import the dump
# The final step is importing the dump file. To do this we have to
# execute the following command
#cat congo_mines_import_for_sqlite.sql | sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3
# system("cat #{out_file_name} | sqlite3 #{dev_app_dir}/db/development.sqlite3")
puts "sqlite3 #{dev_app_dir}/db/development.sqlite3 < #{out_file_name}"
system("sqlite3 #{dev_app_dir}/db/development.sqlite3 < #{out_file_name}")
puts '*' * 40
puts "Done! The dev sqlite new file is: #{dev_app_dir}/db/development.sqlite3"

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markmcdonald51 commented May 13, 2015

Hopefully this is helpful to someone other than me. This converts a postgresql dump file from pg_dump and converts it into a rails sqlite3 development database.

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