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Secure Storage Account Key in Azure Keyvault
"type": "Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/secrets",
"name": "[concat(variables('keyvault_name'), '/', 'StorageAccountKey')]",
"apiVersion": "2016-10-01",
"location": "uksouth",
"scale": null,
"properties": {
"value": "[listKeys(resourceId('Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts', variables('storageAccountName')), '2016-01-01').keys[0].value]",
"contentType": "string",
"attributes": {
"enabled": true
"dependsOn": [
"[resourceId('Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults', variables('keyvault_name'))]",
"[resourceId('Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts', variables('storageAccountName'))]"
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