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Created January 4, 2010 09:48
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Script to export posts from a Wordpress XML file to Jekyll (Textile) files. Collects comments in a YAML file too.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Input: WordPress XML export file.
# Outputs: a series of Textile files ready to be included in a Jekyll site,
# and comments.yml which contains all approved comments with metadata which
# can be used for a Disqus import.
require 'rubygems'
require 'hpricot'
require 'clothred'
require 'time'
require 'yaml'
WORDPRESS_XML_FILE_PATH = "/home/marko/Documents/wordpress.2010-01-01.xml"
OUTPUT_PATH = "/tmp/export"
class Post
attr_accessor :title, :post_date, :created_at, :slug, :url, :content, :textile_content
attr_accessor :hpricot_element
def initialize(item)
@hpricot_element = item
@title ="title").first.inner_text
@post_date ="wp:post_date").first.inner_text
@created_at = Date.parse(post_date)
@slug ="wp:post_name").first.inner_text
@url = ORIGINAL_DOMAIN + "/" +"wp:post_date_gmt").first.inner_text[0, 10].gsub(/-/, "/") + "/" + @slug
@content ="content:encoded").first.inner_text
text =
@textile_content = text.to_textile
def to_jekyll
buf = ""
buf << "---\n"
buf << "layout: post\n"
buf << "title: #{title}\n"
buf << "---\n\n"
buf << textile_content
def save(root_path)"#{root_path}/#{created_at}-#{slug}.textile", "w") { |file| file.write self.to_jekyll }
def save_comments(path)
comment_elements ="wp:comment").reject do |c|"wp:comment_approved").inner_text != "1"
end"#{path}/comments.yml", "a") do |yaml_file|
comment_elements.collect { |el|, el) }.each { |comment| comment.write_to yaml_file }
class << self
def parse(element, path)
return nil unless element.is_a?(Hpricot::Elem)
post =
class Comment
attr_accessor :author_name, :author_email, :author_url, :content, :post
def initialize(post, element)
@post_url = post.url + "/"
@author_name ="wp:comment_author").first.inner_text
@author_email ="wp:comment_author_email").first.inner_text
@author_url ="wp:comment_author_url").first.inner_text
@content ="wp:comment_content").first.inner_text || ""
comment_date ="wp:comment_date_gmt").first.inner_text
@created_at = Time.parse("#{comment_date} GMT")
def write_to(file)
file.write self.to_yaml + "\n" unless @content.size == 0
# main
doc = Hpricot("#{OUTPUT_PATH}/comments.yml", "w") { |f| }
(doc / "item").each do |item|
post = Post.parse(item, OUTPUT_PATH)
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Takes comments.yml generated by wordpressxml2jekyll.rb and posts them to your Disqus forum.
# sudo gem install disqus
require 'disqus'
require 'disqus/api'
COMMENTS_YAML_FILE = '/tmp/export/comments.yml'
Disqus::defaults[:api_key] = "N4wWciM45UAfBJe6QbylR0mfQ340WH7kdEKlBi7q5Tb0QeAKHOxP7wC6W5WyJWWz"
forum_id = Disqus::Api.get_forum_list["message"].first["id"]
fak = Disqus::Api.get_forum_api_key(:forum_id => forum_id)["message"] do |yf|
YAML.each_document( yf ) do |c|
thread = Disqus::Api.get_thread_by_url(:forum_api_key => fak, :url => c.ivars["post_url"])
Disqus::Api.create_post(:forum_api_key => fak,
:thread_id => thread["message"]["id"],
:message => c.ivars["content"],
:author_name => c.ivars["author_name"],
:author_email => c.ivars["author_email"],
:author_url => c.ivars["author_url"],
:created_at => Time.parse(c.ivars["created_at"].to_s).strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M"))
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kez commented Apr 28, 2010

Amazingly useful - thank you!

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neozhang commented May 5, 2010

This looks awesome!
Would this support non-Latin characters?

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markoa commented May 5, 2010

@neozheng I don't know, my blog posts don't have them. But I think that it would. If you try it please let me know.

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neozhang commented May 8, 2010

@markoa just tried. perfectly transformed the file contents but not the names. so much better than the built-in converter which breaks everything.

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markoa commented May 8, 2010

@neozhang since slug and content are read pretty much the same way I suspect something special needs to be done in the call, but I haven't really worked with such issues before. Feel free to fork the gist and send more comments.

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ecerulm commented Jul 30, 2010

The title in the YAML Front Matter is not properly escaped. If the title of the post is for example "command not found: clear" the YAML Front Matter becomes
layout: post
title: WordPress migration: ” (quotes) and ‘ (apostrophe) being replaced with “ and ’


but and it should be

layout: post
title: "Wordpress migration:  \" (quotes) and ' (apostrophe) being replaced with \xC3\xA2\xE2\x82\xAC\xC5\x93 and \xC3\xA2\xE2\x82\xAC\xE2\x84\xA2"


I fixed that in my gist

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