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Scraping nonstandard data from HTML using phpQuery
//Create new instance of phpQuery with the poorly formatted HTML string
$my_data = array(); //Init array for holding the records
foreach(pq("#main table tr") as $block) {
//Get the key/value by selecting the table header element.
//We namespace it to the current block so we don't
// get _all_ the page's TH elements.
$key = pq('th', $block)->text();
$key = strtolower(str_replace(" ", "_", $key)); //clean the key
//Set the value of the text within the block's TD field
$value = pq('td', $block)->text();
//Insert the data into the array as a key/value pair
$my_data[$key] = $value;
//Check something outside the table element
//In this case, we're checking to see if there's some
// incorrectly syntax inside a UL that indicates a true/false value.
if(trim(pq('ul#this_list')->text()) != '--')
$my_data['this_tf_value'] = 'true';
$my_data['this_tf_value'] = 'false';
//Do stuff with the $my_data array.
// ...
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