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Mark Theunissen marktheunissen

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marktheunissen / pedantically_commented_playbook.yml
Last active May 21, 2023 09:52 — forked from phred/pedantically_commented_playbook.yml
Insanely complete Ansible playbook, showing off all the options
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This playbook has been removed as it is now very outdated.
marktheunissen /
Created May 4, 2012 18:32
HTML Files Migration into Drupal using Migrate
class MyMigration extends Migration {
public $base_dir;
* Constructor.
public function __construct() {
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commit 13a26e81a7d5dba116a7f4729ce977569cade34d
Author: Michal Trojnara <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:09:51 2014 +0200
systemd socket activation
diff --git a/CREDITS b/CREDITS
index 8ece5a7..e649af8 100644
marktheunissen / gist:15fb1bb70769f094211e2e32e8f41a89
Created June 5, 2016 11:49 — forked from amstanley/gist:9da7febc9a3e3c2228ee
How to install openALPR on a Raspberry Pi a/o 20160214
View gist:15fb1bb70769f094211e2e32e8f41a89
# STATUS A/O 2016 02 14: tested, works
# based on ,
#, and updated for new packages.
# there are other random notes and googled pages that also informed this tutorial whihc may not be specifically referenced.
#This is not optimized for space or whatever, but does work. well, not as of 2016 01 03 but working to fix that)
# discussion is at!topic/openalpr/-vckIsPe618: please contribute if you can, and ask questions if you # # have them
# thanks to Timis for tips and hints...
marktheunissen / go-ssh-reverse-tunnel.go
Created September 18, 2018 20:27 — forked from codref/go-ssh-reverse-tunnel.go
Go SSH reverse tunnel implementation (SSH -R)
View go-ssh-reverse-tunnel.go
Go-Language implementation of an SSH Reverse Tunnel, the equivalent of below SSH command:
ssh -R 8080: operatore@
which opens a tunnel between the two endpoints and permit to exchange information on this direction:
server:8080 -----> client:8080
export MAKEFLAGS="-j 3"
set -e
[ -n "$1" ] && BRANCH=$1
# Create a log file of the build as well as displaying the build on the tty as it runs
exec > >(tee build_gstreamer.log)
marktheunissen / gist:3758037
Created September 20, 2012 20:06
Mac Productivity Brown Bag
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Mac Productivity

Apple OSX General


  • Hide the dock. It's valuable screen space. At least move it to the left or right side, as vertical is more valuable.
  • Use Spotlight / Quicksilver to quickly open applications, search machine.
marktheunissen /
Created September 19, 2016 11:55 — forked from acolyer/
Internet Scale Services Checklist

Internet Scale Services Checklist

A checklist for designing and developing internet scale services, inspired by James Hamilton's 2007 paper "On Desgining and Deploying Internet-Scale Services."

Basic tenets

  • Does the design expect failures to happen regularly and handle them gracefully?
  • Have we kept things as simple as possible?
marktheunissen / VagrantFile.rb
Last active June 9, 2017 00:10
Running Ansible on a Vagrant machine without a plugin
View VagrantFile.rb do |config|
config.vm.define :default do |tw_config| = "precise64"
tw_config.vm.box_url = ""
tw_config.vm.provision :shell, :path => "provision/"
tw_config.vm.provision :shell, :path => "provision/"
# Load a local setup file if it exists, so you can use it to
# provide additional provisioning steps.
marktheunissen / stunnel-systemd-socket.patch
Last active March 7, 2017 23:50
Stunnel patch for systemd socket activation
View stunnel-systemd-socket.patch
diff a/ b/
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -478,8 +478,18 @@ if test "$fips" = "auto"; then
+# Check for systemd support for socket activation.
+AC_CHECK_LIB(systemd-daemon, sd_notify, SYSTEMD_LIBS="-lsystemd-daemon")