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Last active June 25, 2021 14:14
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Python program to visualize Windows bigpool content
import svgwrite
import volatility.conf as conf
import volatility.registry as registry
import volatility.plugins.volshell as shell
config = conf.ConfObject()
import volatility.commands as commands
import volatility.addrspace as addrspace
import volatility.utils as utils
registry.register_global_options(config, commands.Command)
registry.register_global_options(config, addrspace.BaseAddressSpace)
# Volatility profile
config.PROFILE = "Win7SP1x64"
# Pool tag
config.TAGS = "LSbf"
# Path to the memorydump
FILE = "/home/markus/5.dump"
config.LOCATION = "file://" + FILE
# Following is used for reading the content of the pool later
_addrspace = utils.load_as(config)
import volatility.plugins.bigpagepools as big
bigpools = big.BigPools(config)
def do():
""" Reads data from the pools
This function reads some data from all the pools and converts the
bytes to a hexadecimal rgb value that is used to visualize the pools
entries = list(p.calculate())
entries = sorted(entries, key=getKey)
for poolentry in entries:
# Amount of data to read, max 1024 or the size of the buffer is it
# is shorter
size = min(poolentry.NumberOfBytes, 1024)
data =, size)
data_list = []
# RGB Hex is three bytes, read three at a time
for offset in xrange(0, len(data), 3):
row_data = data[offset:offset + 3]
hexdata = "".join(["{0:02x}".format(ord(x)) for x in row_data])
# Pads the final value with zeros if it is shorter than 3 bytes
if len(hexdata) < 6:
hexdata = hexdata + '0' * (6 - len(hexdata))
# Save the color value in "#FF00FF" format
yield poolentry, data_list
def main():
dwg = svgwrite.Drawing(filename=FILE + ".svg")
y = 0
x = 0
last = 0
# Size of a single "block" in pixels
block_size = 10
pos = []
for poolentry, data in do():
pos.append((long(poolentry.Va), long(poolentry.NumberOfBytes)))
print "Va", hex(poolentry.Va), "Offset to last", int(poolentry.Va - last), hex(poolentry.NumberOfBytes)
x = 0
for entry in data:
x, y), size=(
block_size, block_size), fill=entry))
x = x + block_size
y = y + block_size
last = poolentry.Va
if __name__ == "__main__":
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