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PIEL Survey Control File for Experience Sampling, specifically focused on tracking flow
# Sample PIEL Survey for Use in Experience Sampling
# Current example is focused on tracking flow
name|Subjective Check-in
# can-run-once|1
placeholder-message|This questionaire is used to logging data about your current activity, your subjective state and your relationship to what you are doing. It is based on experience sampling method (ESM) research.
exit-message|3|Thank you for logging!
#The following lines are commented out since this is not a Scheduled Survey.
#placeholder-message|No questions for now, thank you for checking!
# max-delay is how long the participant has to commence a survey once they receive the notification that a survey is due. 300 = 5 minutes
# can-run-once|1
# Set According to your prefered time blocks
#Below are the questions. Integers indicate the question number
1|What was the main thing you were doing? %TYPE text
2|Category of Main Activity|Personal Project %NEXT 4|Writing %NEXT 4|Studies %NEXT 3|Paid Work %NEXT 4|Organizational Work %NEXT 4|Startup Project|Other
3|Other Category? %TYPE text
4|Where are you?|Home %NEXT 7|Hotel/AirBnB %NEXT 7|Coffeeshop %NEXT 7|Private Office %NEXT 7|Open Office|Other
5|Other Place? %TYPE text
6|Who are you with? %TYPE text
7|Flow %TYPE slider|No Flow|Flow
8|Mood (Sad to Happy) %TYPE slider|Sad|Happy
9|Motivated %TYPE slider|Low Motivation|Highly Motivated
10|Enjoyable: Did you enjoy the activity you were doing? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
11|Challenging: How challenging was the activity? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
12|Skill-Demanding: How skilled are you at doing that activity? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
13|Was the activity important to you? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
14|Goal-Oriented: How important was activity to your future goals? i.e. does it impact your long-term objective? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
15|Learning/Improving: Were you learning anything or getting better at something? %TYPE slider|Not at all|Very much
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