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marrub--/asdfas.c Secret

Created Mar 16, 2017
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// ZScript
override bool InputProcess(InputEvent e)
if (e.type == InputEvent.Type_Mouse)
return CallACS("P_CL_Mouse", consoleplayer, e.mousex, -e.mousey);
else if (e.type == InputEvent.Type_KeyDown)
return CallACS("P_CL_KeyPress", consoleplayer, e.keyscan, true);
else if (e.type == InputEvent.Type_KeyUp)
return CallACS("P_CL_KeyPress", consoleplayer, e.keyscan, false);
return false;
// C
void G_Mouse(gui_state_t *g, int relx, int rely)
g->cx += relx * 0.5;
g->cy += rely * 1.8;
g->cx = M_MinMax(g->cx, 0, g->w);
g->cy = M_MinMax(g->cy, 0, g->h);
script_extern bool P_CL_Mouse(int pid, int relx, int rely)
player_t *p = &Player[pid];
if (p->gui.focus)
G_Mouse(&p->gui, relx, rely);
return true;
return false;
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