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Last active Mar 24, 2019
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How to set up Mupen64Plus in $CURRENT_YEAR

Extract the first one to a folder somewhere. Extract the DLL under bin/Mupen64Plus in the second one to the same folder.

Launch the application. It will close immediately after generating config files. Go to %APPDATA%/Mupen64Plus and open mupen64plus.cfg in your favorite text editor.

First off, fix the sound. It buffers far too much for no good reason. Change PRIMARY_BUFFER_SIZE to 4096, PRIMARY_BUFFER_TARGET to 3072, and keep SECONDARY_BUFFER_SIZE as its default of 1024. If your PC is slow and can't keep up, increase these as needed. If RESAMPLE is not "trivial" change it to that.

Next, fix the paths. Change ScreenshotPath, SaveStatePath, and SaveSRAMPath to your favored location for saved data. Change SharedDataPath and PluginDir to where the exe file is.

Now, change the video plugin. Set VideoPlugin to mupen64plus-video-GLideN64.dll. Save the file. Start the application again. It will close and generate more configuration for you to edit.

Under Video-GLideN64, change AspectRatio to 1. Change UseNativeResolutionFactor to 1 (or more to get 2x, 3x, etc. resolution.) Change bilinearMode to 0 for extra video crappiness. I also recommend changing ShowPercent to True to get a display in the lower left for how well the emulator is performing.

Once all this is finished, you can simply drag ROM files onto the exe and it will launch them properly regardless of where they are.

You can also get nightly builds of Mupen64Plus and GLideN64. I've never gotten Mupen64Plus' nightly builds to work on their own, but the plugins do work with the current release version. Just make sure to copy the necessary DLLs and use the i386 version as the current release of Mupen64Plus is 32-bit.

The latest full releases of these should be at these pages, in case they get updated:

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