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A FeathersJS hook to implement `findOrCreate`
const findOrCreate = require('./hook.find-or-create.js')
before: {
create: [findOrCreate()]
'use strict';
* If the record doesn't already exist, create it and return it to the user.
module.exports = function(){
return function(hook){
const service ='/api/records');
let params = {
user: hook.params.user
return service.find(params)
.then(response => {
// If a service has pagination enabled or not, handle either way.
response = || response;
if (data.length) {
// Set `hook.result` to skip the db call to `create` if a record was found.
hook.result = response[0];
// Return the `hook` object for the next hook to use.
return hook;
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line 18 data should be response i guess.

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pkreipke commented Oct 3, 2017

Improvement: line 7 - use 'hook.path' to generalize for all services.

Fix: line 9 - should be ''.

Very helpful!

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TimNZ commented Jan 26, 2018

Helpful for inspiration.

I would replace this with something that is atomic, such as sequelize.findOrCreate for SQL db.

Depending on your logical constraints for the schema/table, you don't want someone slipping in a create between your find that returns 0 records, and the subsequent create, if you aren't using DB level constraints.

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