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Install Mac

Step 1. Install Xcode from Apple Store -> Sign in with your Apple ID - Apple Developer

Step 2. Open Xcode on your Mac and accept agreement.

Step 3. Install better terminal for Mac -> Downloads - iTerm2 - Mac OS Terminal Replacement

Step 4. Open iTerm2 not the stock terminal that comes with Mac.

Step 5. Install Brew to install things easier on Mac -> The missing package manager for macOS — The missing package manager for macOS

Step 6. Install Brew Cask -> brew tap caskroom/cask

Step 7. Install Azure CLI with Brew -> brew update && brew install azure-cli

Step 8. Install oh my zsh -> brew install zsh zsh-completions

Step 9. Install VirtualBox -> brew cask install virtualbox

Step 10. Install Vagrant -> brew cask install vagrant

Step 11. Install Vagrant Manager -> brew cask install vagrant-manager

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