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Windows 10 Gaming Optimizations

Windows 10 Gaming Performance

Tested On: MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS-037 Laptop | Intel i7-10750H | Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

Date Updated: 28JUN2020

Est. Time to Completion: 1 hour

Expected improvement from stock Windows 10 install for gaming is 1-3x network improvement and reduction in OS overhead.


ONLY set these configurations if you use your computer mostly for gaming!!!

If you use your computer for work, school, casual activities, etc do not follow these instructions, keep stock configurations as Windows 10 is pretty smart.

Before you continue please ensure your PC is updated to latest updates (including Windows Store and restart) and full backup is completed!!!

I recommend running Snappy Driver Installer to get the latest updates Windows Update misses.

  1. Download the latest release of Optimizer ~>

  2. Apply most settings relevant to you EXCEPT the following configuration items:

  3. Download the latest SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer ~>

  4. Follow this guide for TCP Optimizer ~>

  5. For additional network settings follow this guide ~>

    Do not disable Checksum Offload - ignore guide

  6. Follow this guide for SSD optimizations ~>

  7. Verify Router optimizations are set by following this guide (scroll to section Router Settings) ~>

Highly recommend running a custom firmware for performance and security reasons.

ASUS Routers ~>

NETGEAR Routers ~>

If you know what you are doing or want to test other optimizations you can follow these guides ~>

Do not forget to tweak your GPU settings!

Recommended Tools:

  1. Disk Cleaner ~>
  2. Windows Disk Cleanup
  3. Windows Defragment and Optimize Drives
  4. Sidebar Diagnostics for GPU, CPU, Network and Disk ~>
  5. Atomic Clock Sync (Sync every 20 minutes) ~>

Opitional Tweak:

Blocking ad, malware, adware and tracking server hostnames

  1. Download hosts file ~>

  2. Move or overwrite the file with the newly downloaded hosts file:


Read more here ~>

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