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First make sure Windows Update is caught up with all the system updates.

Follow the following steps below in order.

Snappy Driver Installer

  1. Download SDI Lite version
  2. Extract Zip to Downloads or Documents
  3. Right-click SDI_x64_*.exe and Run as Administrator
  4. Download Indexes Only
  5. Click top banner that says update and make sure Indexes are only selected and hit apply
  6. Click Select all on left bar
  7. Click Install
  8. Reboot
  9. Follow steps 3-8 once a month, I'd also recommend deleting indexes and drivers directories in the SDI directory after updating


  1. Download
  2. Extract Zip to Downloads or Documents
  3. Right-click on Privatezilla.exe and Run as Administrator
  4. Click Windows 10 box at the top to select all
  5. Unselect Updates as you don't want to disable Updates, you only want to pause updates
  6. Click Analyze
  7. Apply selected
  8. You can remove this after you're done, sometimes when Windows Updates it will reset some of these settings, you can keep it and rerun once in awhile but you're good for awhile


  1. After the first time you run Bloatbox and Privatezilla, reboot
  2. Download installer not portable edition
  3. Install BleachBit installer
  4. Right-click BleachBit icon and Run as Administrator
  5. Select all in Deep scan
  6. Select cache in Discord
  7. In Firefox/Chrome/Internet Exploerer/Microsoft Edge select only cache, crash reports, backup files, logs, download history
  8. Select all in System and then unselect Memory dump, Free disk space
  9. Select all in Windows Defender and Windows Explorer
  10. Click Clean

Additional Cleaning

  • You can run Disk Cleanup and click clean up system files
  • You can run Defragment and Optimize Drives and click Optimize this will trim your SSD drives
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