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yum-nginx-api 2020 v1 proposal

Move API routes:

Old New
/api/health /v1/health
/api/upload /v1/rpm/upload /v1/deb/upload
/api/repo /v1/rpm/repo /v1/deb/repo

/rep will default to a single repo/xml directory. The goal would be manage multiple repos by utlizing a name query parameter as such:

curl http(s)://<yum-nginx-api-server>/v1/rpm/repo?name=dev
curl http(s)://<yum-nginx-api-server>/v1/rpm/repo?name=prod

By adding this functionality for both multi-RPM/Deb repos we could add a UI layer built into the binary that looks like this:

If it's worth adding an index web server for other assets/artifacts that are not RPMs and Debs I'm also open to this.

Additonal diserable configurations are:

  • HTTPS/2 support
  • Additional HTTP/SSL configurations
  • CLI/ENV VARS/YAML configurations
  • Promethus endpoint
  • S3 support
  • DevOps artifacts (Docker/Vagrant/
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