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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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//Append this function to class Indexer.
template <typename Matrix>
void spliceToAB(Matrix& M, Matrix& A, Matrix& B)
typename Matrix::Row::const_iterator it;
// Splice M into two submatrices A and B, A contains pivot columns, B contains non pivot colums.
uint32 curr_piv = 0;
typename Matrix::RowIterator i_B;
for(i_B = M.rowBegin (); i_B != M.rowEnd (); ++i_B)
for(it = i_B->begin (); it != i_B->end (); ++it) {
if(pivot_columns_map[it->first] != MINUS_ONE)
A[curr_piv].push_back (typename Matrix::Row::value_type(pivot_columns_map[it->first], it->second));
B[curr_piv].push_back (typename Matrix::Row::value_type(non_pivot_columns_map[it->first], it->second));
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