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Chat of Brainstorm Workshop on Multi-unit Electrophysiology, via Zoom (May 22, 2020)
10:58:11 From Sylvain Baillet : Hi everyone, thank you for joining. We’ll get started shortly.
10:59:03 From Balakrishna Masanam yadav : Hi, I'm from India, Andhrapradesh
11:37:55 From PENG Fei : Which paper are the LFP results from?
11:38:45 From changan : can the .bst data be exported to matlab for other analysis
11:38:56 From Martin Cousineau : @PENG:
11:39:02 From PENG Fei : Thanks
11:40:13 From Sylvain Baillet : FYI to all: online documentation of the tools Kostas is showing today:
11:40:46 From Martin Cousineau : @changan: The .BST format is quite specific to Brainstorm but you can use our reader function as a Matlab function in order to extract the data you need from the file. Let us know in the forum if you require more specific documentation
11:41:11 From changan : thanks!
11:41:16 From Martin Cousineau : For most other Brainstorm objects, you can easily export them from Matlab and even import back your changes to use Brainstorm's visualization figures
11:53:56 From Parisa Sattar : thankyou
11:53:59 From Ray Iskander : Impressive!
11:54:17 From Eunjeong Lee : How does batch mode work - multi sessions?
11:54:32 From Solofo : thank you
11:55:24 From Martin Cousineau : @Eunjeong: See the "Running scripts on a cluster" section:
11:55:24 From LUO Dan : is any Default parameter in the ICA part for artifict removal?
11:55:43 From Eunjeong Lee : @ Thanks Martin
11:56:08 From Geetika Srivastava : Please share some Data Sources for DBS Analysis
11:56:20 From Curtis L. Baker, Dr. : Does it support GPU acceleration, or are there plans to do so ?
11:56:31 From PENG Fei : Are there any requirements for the computer? I think we need to use GPU to run kilosort.
11:59:06 From Eunjeong Lee : without using NWB data type, how can combine behavior data?
11:59:07 From Konstantinos Nasiotis To Sylvain Baillet(privately) : hi Curtis. I have done this for CPU, my computer didn't have NVidia GPU
12:01:27 From Eun Hye Park : If I use open-ephys acquisition board, should I use the binary mode or open-ephys mode to load the raw data in brainstorm?
12:01:58 From Konstantinos Nasiotis : Hi Eunjeong. The only other acquisition system that this is supported is TDT
12:01:58 From Billel Khouader : You may look at crcns ?
12:02:48 From marzieh,Golabbakhsh : How do you do the projection on the Atlas? There was an image showing the projection in the slides.
12:04:02 From Eunjeong Lee : Thanks @Konstantinos
12:04:23 From Eunjeong Lee : I am using TDT so it may work
12:04:36 From Konstantinos Nasiotis : great
12:06:11 From marzieh,Golabbakhsh : Thanks \1
12:07:13 From tommaso fedele : Thank you
12:07:34 From Tatjana : For me personally I would be more interested in source imaging session.
12:07:42 From Curtis L. Baker, Dr. : An important issue for some of us is the supported file formats - e.g. PLX, openephys binary
12:07:48 From HaydeeGL : Yes, Many Thanks!!
12:07:54 From marzieh,Golabbakhsh : Thank you
12:07:56 From Geetika Srivastava : Beamforming we need a session on
12:08:03 From Christos Lisgaras : Thanks!
12:08:07 From Konstantinos Nasiotis : What else would you like to see @Curtis?
12:08:54 From Curtis L. Baker, Dr. : Plexon .plx and open-ephys KWIK and “raw binary”
12:10:30 From Sylvain Baillet :
12:10:43 From Konstantinos Nasiotis : @Curtis. .plx is already supported btw
12:12:46 From PENG Fei : Thanks
12:12:53 From Billel Khouader : Thankyou very much for this session !
12:12:55 From Eduardo Glez Moreira : Thanks @Sylvain Baillet and Brainstorm team for your amazing work and contribution for neuroscience community. Also, I am very interesting on source imaging methods so I will be checking your web looking forward to hear from next online meeting. All the Best!
12:12:55 From Vardan Arutiunian : Thank you very much!
12:13:04 From zahransa : I have question please
12:13:09 From Curtis L. Baker, Dr. : Thank you, very informative !
12:13:10 From Martin Cousineau : Thank you all for joining!
12:13:18 From Raphael Gastrock : Thank you very much!
12:13:20 From KATIA ANDRADE : Thanks !
12:13:23 From Samuel Paré : Thank you very much!
12:13:26 From LUO Dan : Thank you very much. Stay safe!
12:13:26 From guiomar : Thanks Konstas!! And all BST team!!
12:13:27 From HaydeeGL : Thanks!!!!
12:13:27 From Eunjeong Lee : It's really helpful ~ Thanks
12:13:28 From Solofo : Thank you
12:13:29 From Ambika : Thanks
12:13:30 From Eun Hye Park : Thank you!!!
12:13:32 From LL : Thank you for this session !
12:13:32 From EG : Thank you
12:13:34 From Georgios Ntolkeras : Thank you
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