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Last active February 18, 2021 23:08
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* Creates a new explicit staging repo on OSSRH before uploading artifacts to avoid split repos when using implicit repos.
* This can be done more elegantly using okhttp or any other HTTP/Json lib. This snippet uses
* the good old URLConnection to avoid any dependency.
* To open a staging repo with curl, do curl -d "{\"data\": {\"description\": \"description\"}}"
repositories {
maven {
name = "ossStaging"
setUrl(provider {
.apply {
val authorization = Base64.getEncoder()
.let { String(it) }
setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic $authorization")
setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json")
doOutput = true
doInput = true
getOutputStream().write("{\"data\": {\"description\": \"$name ${rootProject.version}\"}}".toByteArray())
.let { String(it) }
.replace(Regex(".*\"stagedRepositoryId\":\"([^\"]*)\".*"), "$1").let {
credentials {
username = System.getenv("SONATYPE_NEXUS_USERNAME")
password = System.getenv("SONATYPE_NEXUS_PASSWORD")
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