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Last active April 1, 2020 13:35
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Magento: In case when you need to create a custom patch for any code which is in gitignore (for example modules in vendor/ directory)
  1. cd <magento_root>
  2. mkdir -p m2-hotfixes/tmp
  3. Copy original files
    cp --parents <path/to/yout/file1> <path/to/yout/file2> ... m2-hotfixes/tmp
    rsync -R <path/to/yout/file1> <path/to/yout/file2> ... m2-hotfixes/tmp
  4. cd m2-hotfixes/tmp
  5. git init && git add . && git commit -m "Initial commit"
  6. Make changes in files in m2-hotfixes/tmp directory
  7. git add . && git commit -m "Fix something"
  8. git format-patch -1 HEAD -o ..
    format-patch will generate .patch file in m2-hotfixes directory
  9. cd <magento_root>
  10. rm -rf m2-hotfixes/tmp
  11. to apply all patches locally run the command
    vendor/bin/ece-tools patch
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