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The AWS CLI can be used for downloading recent database backups from S3.
First, you need to install it, on OS X, you can do `brew install awscli`, otherwise you can follow the [official documentation](
Confirm it's working by running `aws --version`.
Next, setup a new profile by running `aws configure --profile [PROFILE_NAME]` and enter the `AWS Access Key ID`, `AWS Secret Access Key`, `Default region name` and `Default output format` (`text`).
To see a list of files for a particular date, run:
`aws --profile [PROFILE_NAME] s3 ls s3://[BUCKET_NAME]/[PATH_TO_YOUR_BACKUP]/`
To download a backup from S3, you can use the `cp` command:
To import the downloaded backup, you can then do (assuming it's a `.gz` archive):
The lack of space between `-p` and the password is intentional, without it the command won't work.
`localhost` is probably fine for the hostname, but in this case, it's the IP of my local docker mysql container.
You could then stick this in your crontab to download and import a daily copy of your production database.
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