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Last active Aug 29, 2015
What would you like to do? Template

Getting Started


One or two paragraph introduction on the objective of this library.

Quick Start

If you are unsure of our project and just want to play around, you can get things set up quickly by:

  1. Clone this repository and…
  2. Do something
  3. Do the other thing

If you need more detailed instructions, have no fear. We are not going to look down on you if you are not an expert. We took the time to write a setup guide for newcomers: [Novice setup guide][novice-setup-guide]. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Real Start

Follow these instructions if you wish to deploy your own version or contribute back to the project. There is nothing we hate more than README’s that ignore all of the practical concerns related to setting up a long term installation. Follow these steps and it will be easy for you to keep up with updates to the project and still retain the all tweaks you made to suit your idiosyncrasies.

Odds and Ends

Optional features

Not everybody needs a XYZ plugin or wants to share their every action with PQR. You can enable these features by…

Rare Corner cases

In certain rare circumstances you made need to prevent X or implement Y.

Prevent X by…

If you need to implement Y…


Contact support via our official helpdesk or ask the community.

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