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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using NAudio.Wave;
using UnityEngine;
namespace Dissonance.Audio.Capture
public class BasicFileStreamingCapture
: MonoBehaviour, IMicrophoneCapture
public bool IsRecording { get; private set; }
public TimeSpan Latency { get; private set; }
private readonly List<IMicrophoneSubscriber> _subscribers = new List<IMicrophoneSubscriber>();
private readonly WaveFormat _format = new WaveFormat(48000, 1);
private readonly float[] _frame = new float[960];
private readonly byte[] _frameBytes = new byte[960 * 4];
private float _elapsedTime;
private FileStream _file;
private int _readOffset;
public WaveFormat StartCapture(string name)
_file = File.OpenRead(name);
IsRecording = true;
Latency = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(0);
return _format;
public void StopCapture()
IsRecording = false;
_file = null;
public void Subscribe(IMicrophoneSubscriber listener)
public bool Unsubscribe(IMicrophoneSubscriber listener)
return _subscribers.Remove(listener);
public bool UpdateSubscribers()
_elapsedTime += Time.unscaledDeltaTime;
while (_elapsedTime > 0.02f)
_elapsedTime -= 0.02f;
// Read bytes from file
var readLength = _file.Read(_frameBytes, 0, _frameBytes.Length);
_readOffset += readLength;
// Zero the entire buffer so bits not written to will be silent
Array.Clear(_frame, 0, _frame.Length);
// Copy the bytes that were read into the audio buffer as floats
Buffer.BlockCopy(_frameBytes, 0, _frame, 0, readLength);
foreach (var subscriber in _subscribers)
subscriber.ReceiveMicrophoneData(new ArraySegment<float>(_frame), _format);
return false;
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