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var changedObjects = [];
// inputs
for (input of document.getElementsByTagName("input")){
var changed = false;
switch (input.type) {
case 'hidden':
case 'text':
if (input.value != input.defaultValue){
changed = true;
case 'radio':
case 'checkbox':
if (input.checked != input.defaultChecked){
changed = true;
if (changed){
} // inputs
// textareas
for (textarea of document.getElementsByTagName("textarea")){
if (textarea.value != textarea.defaultValue){
} // textarea
// Select Lists
for (select of document.getElementsByTagName("select")){
if (!select.options[select.selectedIndex].defaultSelected){
}// select
console.log('Changed', changedObjects)
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hhudson commented Jun 21, 2021

Hi Martin - per your suggestions in your blog post, I drafted the following.

var changedObjects = [];

allItems =;
  function (el, name) {
    if (
      apex.item(name).isChanged() &&
    ) {

console.log("Changed", changedObjects);

I tested it and the above code appears to work with more item types. I also enhanced it to not include items for which "warn on unsaved changes" has been turned off.

It's not working for type "Number Field" items.

I'm not able to reproduce your bug - my demo application (which uses this code) features a number field :

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