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Script to calculate pending payouts by sending HTTP requests to a local Sidecar instance.
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;
import 'dart:convert' as convert;
/// KSM Precision [kusama guide](
const ksmPrecision = 1000000000000;
void main(List<String> args) async {
var parser = ArgParser();
var authorId;
var depth;
parser.addOption('author-id', abbr: 'a', defaultsTo: 'none');
parser.addOption('depth', abbr: 'd', defaultsTo: '1');
var results = parser.parse(args);
/// Do http request to get latest block response if [author-id] was not set as argument.
/// Else set [authorId] with [author-id] argument.
if (!results.wasParsed('author-id')) {
final latestBlockResponse =
await getRequest('');
/// Early return if latestBlockResponse is null
if (latestBlockResponse == null) return;
authorId = latestBlockResponse['authorId'];
} else {
authorId = results['author-id'];
print('Author ID: $authorId');
depth = int.tryParse(results['depth']);
print('Depth: $depth');
var payoutInfoResponse = await getRequest(
'$authorId/staking-payouts?depth=${depth ?? 1}');
/// Early return if payoutInfoResponse is null
if (payoutInfoResponse == null) return;
var total = calculatePendingPayouts(payoutInfoResponse);
print('Total pending payout: $total KSM');
/// simple get request that returns a json body
Future<dynamic> getRequest(url) async {
final response = await http.get(url);
if (response.statusCode == 200) {
return convert.jsonDecode(response.body);
} else {
print('Request failed with status: ${response.statusCode}.');
return null;
/// Calculates pending payouts for a specified author
double calculatePendingPayouts(json) {
var totalPendingAmount = 0;
final List<dynamic> eraPayouts = json['erasPayouts'];
eraPayouts.forEach((era) {
final List<dynamic> payouts = era['payouts'];
if (payouts.isNotEmpty) {
totalPendingAmount += payouts.fold(
(prev, validator) =>
prev + int.tryParse(validator['nominatorStakingPayout']),
return totalPendingAmount / ksmPrecision;
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